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Aberdeen Pullover [FREE Crochet Pattern]

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Embrace Elegance in Every Stitch with the Aberdeen Pullover

Introducing the Aberdeen Pullover, a crochet masterpiece from the creative mind of Moon Elderidge, brought to you by We Crochet. This sweater is a quintessential blend of comfort and style, making it a splendid addition to any wardrobe. It’s an embodiment of sophistication in crochet form, ideal for those looking to elevate their crochet skills and fashion sense simultaneously.

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Designed for intermediate crocheters, the Aberdeen Pullover is a project that promises to enrich your crafting experience. Its intricate details and elegant silhouette make it a rewarding endeavor for those who love to blend fashion with the art of crochet.

The pattern requires Brava Tweed Yarn, a blend revered for its texture and durability. This yarn adds a touch of rustic charm to the pullover, making it both fashionable and functional. The Brava Tweed Yarn is perfect for creating a sweater that stands out in both quality and style. You can find this exquisite yarn here: Brava Tweed Yarn.

For this pattern, you will need Size US H/5.0mm and I/5.5mm crochet hooks. The choice of the right hook is crucial for achieving the perfect fabric and fit. If you’re looking for guidance on selecting the best hook for your project, our article “Finding the Right Crochet Hook” provides excellent advice. Check it out here: Finding the Right Crochet Hook.

Additionally, getting the gauge right is key to ensuring your pullover fits perfectly. For tips on mastering the art of gauge, visit our guide “Getting the Gauge Right” here: Getting the Gauge Right.

The Aberdeen Pullover, with its array of sizes, is designed to fit and flatter a wide range of body types, making it a versatile choice for crocheters of all shapes. You can download the FREE pattern from the We Crochet website and embark on this stylish journey. Get your FREE downloadable pattern here: Aberdeen Pullover Pattern.

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