Front Loop Single Crochet [FREE Crochet Stitch Pattern]

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The Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch is a simple variation on the basic single crochet stitch. This crochet stitch pattern is perfect if you want to make fabrics that are slightly more textured.

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In fact, if you repeat several rows of this simple single crochet stitch, it will create a lovely twined ridge along the surface of the fabric.

If you are not familiar with how to crochet the basic single crochet stitch, we have a fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorial on it that you will surely find helpful.

You can find the tutorial for the single crochet stitch here: Single Crochet Stitch: Learn How to Single Crochet.

Furthermore, aside from making a lovely textured fabric, this simple crochet stitch is also an ideal choice if you are working in pure cotton yarns.

Using this crochet stitch pattern, you can very easily recognize the number of rows that you have worked in this stitch.

In addition, you can use this stitch as an independent element of a pattern or, in and of itself, as a pattern.

This stitch pattern is using US crochet terms. In fact, the term “single crochet” is not used in UK crochet terms. If you want to learn more about the differences between US and UK crochet terms then be sure to check out our handy guide on the subject.

Read about these term differences in this handy guide: Crochet Terms: The Differences Between US vs UK Crochet Terms Explained.

Techniques Used for the Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch Pattern






single crochet

Crochet Instructions – Step by Step

Multiple: any number of stitches.

Step 1 Row 1

1 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

Step 2 Row 1 Continuation

1 sc in every ch to end.



Step 3 Row 2

Ch 1 (does not count as stitch).


1 sc in back loop only of every sc to end of row.



Step 4

Repeat Step 3.

Crochet Chart for the Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch

For those who prefer a visual representation of the front loop single crochet stitch pattern, we have included a crochet diagram here for your quick reference.

Stitch Key





worked in front loop only

Front Loop Single Crochet Chart

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