Granny’s Hugs Crochet Blanket [FREE Crochet Pattern] |

Granny’s Hugs Crochet Blanket [FREE Crochet Pattern]

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Envelop Your Darling In Warmth And Love With This Lovely Granny’s Hugs Crochet Blanket

Another amazing design by the Garn Studio design team. The Granny’s Hugs Crochet Blanket will be your baby’s new naptime companion. This beautiful crochet piece will keep your precious warm and toasty during chilly nights. In fact, this is a perfect gift idea for a baby shower.

Text area which says "Free Crochet Pattern" next to two crochet blankets in two different color ways hanging on a rod followed by another text area which says "Granny’s Hugs Crochet Blanket,"

To work on this piece, you will need DROPS Alpaca Yarn, a 5 ply sport weight yarn. This is an all-time favorite yarn that is made purely from soft alpaca. The 3 spun alpaca fibers give an extra twist to provide a durable yarn. This yarn is made specifically in any garments, accessories, blankets, and home decor.

You will also need a US size H crochet hook. That’s approximately 5 mm if you prefer to use the metric system.

Need some help with crochet hooks? We have an excellent article that can guide you through choosing the right hook. You can check it out here: Crochet Hooks: The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right Crochet Hook.

A finished blanket measures about 25.5 inches wide and 31.5 inches in height. That’s about 65 cm in wide and 80 cm in height respectively if you prefer to use the metric measurement.

This pattern is provided with both written instructions and a diagram for accuracy.

It’s important to get an accurate gauge so you can ensure you finish with the right size. For more details, you can find useful information here: Crochet Gauge: The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Gauge Right.

This features two separate colors which give a unique style to it, plus it has a granny’s hug pattern. This will be the naptime and playtime buddy of your kid with a comfy feeling.

You can download the FREE pattern for this accessory from the Garn Studio website.

To get the FREE downloadable pattern, go through here: Granny’s Hugs Blanket Pattern

In addition, to purchase the recommended yarn here: DROPS Alpaca Yarn

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