Paired Single Stitch [FREE Crochet Stitch Pattern]

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The Paired Single Stitch, or otherwise known as single crochet two together, is an easy stitch that you can use to create fairly rigid fabrics. In fact, this stitch is ideal for making kitchen and bath accessories.

This stitch is a variant of the single crochet and is typically used in crochet patterns to decrease by turning two stitches into one.

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In contrast to the basic single crochet, this stitch is a more open stitch. You can work this quick stitch by joining pairs of single crochet stitches together.

If you want to learn how to do the single crochet, we have an illustrated tutorial for it that you’ll surely find helpful. Find it here: Single Crochet: Learn How To Single Crochet.

To maintain the stitch count of this stitch, you have to work twice into each stitch along the row. This compensates for working two stitches together.

You can use the paired single crochet stitch if you need to decrease in a row or round. Furthermore, you can use it if you want to make variations to a single crochet project.

As the stitch is more open than the basic single crochet, it lends itself well to home decor projects like Christmas stockings and throw pillows.

This stitch pattern is using US crochet terms. In fact, the term “single crochet” is not used in UK crochet terms. You can learn more about the differences between US and UK terms in this article: Crochet Terms: US and UK Term Differences Explained.

Techniques Used for the Paired Single Stitch Pattern






single crochet two together

Crochet Instructions – Step by Step

Multiple: any number of stitches, plus 1 for the foundation chain.

Step 1 Row 1

Sc2tog over 2nd and 3rd ch from hook.

Step 2 Row 1 Continuation

* Sc2tog by inserting hook in same ch as last stitch, then in next ch.


Rep from * to end.



Step 3 Row 2

Ch 1.


Sc2tog over 1st and 2nd sc2tog from previous row.


* Sc2tog by inserting hook in same place as last stitch, then in next sc2tog.


Rep from * to last sc2tog.


Sc2tog over last sc2tog and ch 1.



Step 4

Repeat Step 3.

Crochet Chart for the Paired Single Stitch

For those who prefer a visual representation of a crochet stitch pattern, here is a crochet diagram for your reference.

Stitch Key





Paired Single Crochet Stitch Chart

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