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Staying Healthy: Stretching for Crocheters

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Crocheting is more than just a hobby, and it can be hard on your hands, fingers, wrists, and entire arms if you do not know how to stretch properly. This is what this article is for, we’ll show you proper stretching for crocheters like you and me.

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Crocheting can indeed be a lifesaving activity for some of us, especially when it comes to passing time or finding a distraction. However, not knowing how to properly stretch after a long day of working on a project can result in days of pain and the inability to continue crocheting.

It may seem weird to think about crocheting as a sport, but it truly is one. Think of the amount of precision, dexterity, planning, and moving that you have to do which is intense. This all means that you could injure your hands, whether that is in the short-term or the long-term.

Stretching for Crocheters: Prevent Pain With These Simple Stretching Exercises

Some knitters and crocheters find themselves having carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, and even visible inflammation. You do not necessarily have to give up your favorite hobby, but you should beware of overdoing it to the point of pain. Even if you are not experiencing any signs of strain, your muscles can tense in parts of your body that you may not think of, which can result in surprise injury and pain later on.

While some think that physical therapy is necessary, this is not exactly true for everyone. Not everyone will have a chronic injury, and for the most part, you can keep your hands, wrists, arms, and neck healthy at home.

There is no need to worry, as there are easy stretches you could do to warm up your hands before you start crocheting or after you are done. Make sure to follow these stretches carefully and you can avoid injury and keep your hands, fingers, and arms flexible and strong.

Stretching for Crocheters Steps

Step #1: Stretch your hands first 

Because you are using your hands the most in crocheting, you will want to start with these first. For your hands to work properly, all fingers must also function well. Start by pulling back your index finger onto itself, but be sure to keep the wrist stretched out straight.

Hold this stretch for 20 seconds. You can repeat it on every finger, and do not forget about your thumbs! Be careful not to over-extend your fingers, go as far as your body tells you it can go.  

Stretching for crocheters : Right index finger lifting the each fingers on the left hand one by one to strech them.

Step #2: Work your way to the wrist 

Since the wrist is carrying the weight and also performing some of the movements, it should also be part of your stretching routine. Start by hold the fingers on one hand against the palm of the other hand. Hold your arm out straight while you do this and pull the fingers back toward the wrist.

Stretching for crocheters: Right fingers lifting the left fingers.

You should feel the wrist stretching while you do. Keep the stretch for about 20 seconds and then change to the other hand.

Step #3: Do not forget the neck! 

Many crocheters forget that the neck is an essential part of crocheting. You hold your view and posture through your neck, so many will feel strain and pain in their necks quite often.

Woman bowing her head down with chin to her chest.

To stretch out the neck, lower your chin into your chest, feeling the back of the neck stretch. Hold this position for another 20 seconds, but remember to continue to breathe normally, allowing your neck muscles to relax.

Step #4: Time to move to the head 

As with the neck, the head can also get tense after a long day working on a crochet project. This is often due to the muscles on the side of your neck tensing after holding a position for too long.

Woman leaning her head towards her right shoulder.

To stretch your head, bend your right ear toward the shoulder, and hold the position for around 20 seconds. Breathe normally, and relax, feeling the muscles on the left side of your neck and head stretching. Repeat the same exercise with the left side of your head and neck.

Step #5: Finish off by stretching the rest of the body 

Now that you have stretched the most important parts of your hands and head, why not stretch the rest of your body.

Stand up; open your legs wide forming a triangle with your body. Grab your arms behind your back and bend down. Your arms should stretch over your head straight out.

A woman bending down with arms at the back and legs spread to a triangle.

This last exercise can help stretch your arms, shoulders, and also your legs. You can hold this position for another 20 seconds or more.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know that proper stretching for crocheters like you and me is critical to preventing pain and injury, there no reason for you to not do them.

Your crocheting muscles are waiting to feel relaxed and warm before you start another project. Try these simple, yet effective stretches any time and feel immediate relief. You can even repeat these multiple times a day, as needed.

Always be careful not to overdo any of these exercises, and stop if you are feeling pain. You can consult a doctor if you feel pain after crocheting and it will not go away.

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