Treble Crochet Stitch [FREE Crochet Stitch Pattern] |

Treble Crochet Stitch [FREE Crochet Stitch Pattern]

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The Treble Crochet Stitch, also known as the triple crochet, is the tallest of the three most commonly used basic stitches. It’s taller than the double crochet, and is frequently seen in crochet patterns. Furthermore, it is usually one of the first stitches learned by beginner crocheters.

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You can do the stitch by working two yarn-overs at the beginning of the stitch instead of just one.

Typically, the turning chain stitches in a triple crochet count as a stitch. So, skip the first row just like with the double crochet.

If you want learn how to make this stitch, we have a fully illustrated tutorial that will guide you with the techniques involved. You can look it up here: Learn How To Treble Crochet.

This is a basic crochet stitch often used as a part of a pattern. That means it is typically supported by other stitches, as it is less stable than the other basic stitches.

In addition, this stitch results in longer openings in between the stitches. That’s why you can use this to create a looser, more open fabric.

Moreover, making a treble crochet stitch from a double crochet stitch prepares you for making double treble, triple treble, as well as other even taller stitches.

Finally, this stitch pattern is using US crochet terms. Learn about the differences between US and UK terms in this article: Crochet Terms: US and UK Term Differences Explained.

Techniques Used for the Treble Crochet Stitch Pattern







treble stitch

Crochet Instructions – Step by Step

Multiple: any number of stitches, plus 3 for the foundation chain.

Step 1 Row 1

1 tr in 5th ch from hook.

Step 2 Row 1 Continuation


1 tr in every ch to end of row.



Step 3 Row 2

Ch 4 (counts as first stitch).


1 tr in every tr to end of row, inserting the hook  from front to back under both loops of each stitch (this looks like a “V).


1 tr in 4th of ch 4.



Step 4

Repeat Step 3.

Crochet Chart for the Treble Crochet Stitch

For those who prefer a visual representation of a crochet stitch pattern, I have included a crochet diagram for your reference.

Stitch Key





Treble Crochet Stitch Chart

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